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10.5” (inch) graphic tablet, children's and teenagers' encopy with a removable stylus holder

The Bemi Grafitto graphic tablet is a great alternative to traditional drawing. It introduces a breath of modernity and allows you to save a lot of costs associated with the purchase of traditional drawing materials.


Attractive appearance

Thanks to the attractive appearance resembling a real tablet, it will encourage children and teenagers to reach for Grafitto more often and at the same time develop manual skills


Help in the development
of the child

Grafitto gives you unlimited possibilities to develop your imagination, creativity and artistic abilities. Children can not only draw but also invent their own games by drawing boards, for example tic-tac-toe, ships, checkers, Chinese and others by defining their own rules of the game. It can also act as a notebook, a board when you want your child to remember or remember about an important activity or event.


Teaching tool

Grafitto can be used as an aid in learning to write letters and numbers and to draw shapes. It will also be great during free time or travel, making time more pleasant. Grafitto is also a great idea for a gift for a child, regardless of the occasion!


Large 10" (inch) multi-color screen

10" inch






Bemi Grafitto has been equipped with a 10" (inch) multicolor LCD screen, on which you can freely write or draw with the included stylus. The screen responds to pressure. Doodle reacts to every touch, but for the durability of the screen, we recommend using a dedicated stylus.


Erase Easily

In order for the stylus to be always at hand, there is a practical holder on the housing. When the drawings are no longer needed, just press the clear button and the image will disappear. If you want to keep the content of the screen for a longer time, move the slider on the case to block the possibility of drawing and accidental erasure.


Safe for children

Bemi Grafitto is safe for children. It does not emit light, does not radiate, and thus does not burden the eyes. Unlike chalkboards, it does not stain and does not produce dust that can get into the respiratory tract.


What's included

●Bemi Grafitto drawing tablet

● Stylus

● CR2025 battery

●Original Bemi box


●High quality 10" (inch) LCD screen 

●The screen responds to pressure ●Removable stylus holder that can be placed in any other part of the case

●Battery powered

●Clear screen key

●Content removal lock key

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